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Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Sheppard

How I Began My Weight Loss Journey

I was a little girl watching my mother, aunts, and sister fight for their lives from diabetes. Before I knew it, diabetes took a toll on my mother. I did not know it at the time that she was sick. She would still cook, clean, and take care of us all with a smile on her face. She did not know she was dying. She was dying from heart failure. I remember the police came to my house and told my mother that my middle sister would die if she did not get help. I did not know what was going on. One day her shoulder was hurting and I asked her to let me look at it. There was a small opening. As I pushed down there was so much fluid coming out that could have filled up 2gallons jugs. My family and I rushed her to the hospital. She had the worst of diabetes. I was a child so it was hard for me to understand how it all got to that point. 

Then I turned 25 and became a mother. I was skinny before motherhood and really changed me. I gained so much weight. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. I told myself I had to lose weight. I had to get healthy and fight for my children. I would study about diet and  I would exercise.

In 2018, I was 35 and began my journey at 347 pounds. I was a smoker. I told myself if I lost 150 pounds  I would quit smoking. I made my family a promise. I changed my diet. I stopped drinking regular cokes and began drinking coke zeros. The first 2 weeks I lost 40 pounds. I also started boot camp. I pushed myself to the limits. I would get up and eat breakfast. I would power walk 3 miles a day. I started dropping weight fast. I would eat fruits, vegetables, and bake or grill my foods. I cut out all the fried foods. I dropped 60 more pounds within a month. I focused eating serving sizes. Around 7 PM, I would eat then wait 15 minutes and go for a walk. I began going to the gym to do cardio. I got down to 120 pounds and quit smoking. It has taken me six years to adjust and I am still going at it!

It was hard because not everyone's body is the same. I would pray to make it every day. I knew it was possible for me to achieve my goals if I kept trying to think positively about myself. I feel happier; I can look at myself in the mirror and feel great about all the hard work I put in. HealthWorks is my happy place now. It gives me a sense of peace. Everyone starts somewhere. You just have to stick with it. Even on your hardest days. My schedule is very busy but anything is possible if you make time for it. I thank God for giving me a chance to express my story. 





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