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At HealthWorks Fitness Center, our mission is to identify, develop, and foster programs and services that further the health and well-being of the people in our community and surrounding areas.

Member Spotlight: Trevor Cheatham

We interviewed Trevor to ask about his fitness journey here at HealthWorks.


How long have you been a member of HealthWorks?

I have been a member for about 7 years


What motivates you/what prompted you to begin your fitness journey?

What motivates me is to try to be a better version of myself everyday mentally and physically.


Workout partner? Yes or no?

I like having a partner to train with because it can help me push harder but I also enjoy going alone because I will try workouts no one else wants to do.


Give us a few details about your fitness journey?

I started lifting in high school but didn’t really get into it until outside of high school when I started boxing. I did that for about a year and then just quit because I let other hobbies take over and didn’t start back lifting until a couple years later.  I haven’t stopped since. Then a few years ago I started back training kickboxing and jujitsu as a hobby.


Favorite time of day to workout?

I prefer going to the gym right before or after lunch.


Do you attend classes?

I try and make it to Jimmy’s boot camp class because I think it’s a great way to get in shape and stay athletic. Jimmy does a great job structuring the workouts to give you a great but challenging workout.


Did you set goals? Have you met them?

My goal when I started lifting was to be better able to take care of myself and defend myself and others because I was such a small guy when I started; which is also why I started training kickboxing and other martial arts. Plus, I want to look good too!





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