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At HealthWorks Fitness Center, our mission is to identify, develop, and foster programs and services that further the health and well-being of the people in our community and surrounding areas.

Member Testimonial: Rev. Micheal J Wilson 

I joined Health Works about 20 years ago, I realized in getting older I needed to do something to stay in shape. The general aging process of life and daily stress can and will take a tool on our health. I witnessed some of my relatives my age experience strokes, heart attacks, and uncontrolled HBP, because they became overweight and inactive. I had moved from a size 30 waist to a size 42 waist and increasing BP causing the need of medications for BP. 

Therefore, I realized it was time to do better. I joined Health Works and like many I developed that I’m a member of the gym attitude. Meaning, since I joined the gym and go a few times a week everything will be fine. I had no goals no idea what I needed to do just going lifting weights and getting bigger but not better.

One day I started talking to Jimmy Massey asking questions and he started telling me about the need to add cardio to my workouts. I said ok but I hated it and didn’t do very much, I enjoyed lifting weights a lot more. I noticed my blood pressure started to increase again and I started doing more cardio. After really getting serious about cardio I noticed my weight going down, clothing fitting better, blood pressure going down, and feeling totally better.

I was really getting what I wanted when I joined the gym, but it took me 12 years to really see it because I hated cardio. After several more years and some great workout friends I felt I was in better shape at 60 than I was at 40. That when it really got good, on my 60th birthday Oct. 4th, 2017, I decided to join the XTS class just to see if I could handle it, after about 20 minutes I realized I was not in shape at all. I wanted to quit or start crying or something. I was thinking what in the world was I thinking but I prayed my way to the end of class. After class I was praying, I could get to my truck, then I decided I had to continue I wasn’t going to let that class make me quit.

The rest is history I LOVE XTS, this class has helped more that anything best decision I made ever when it come to the gym. I love my 5 AM workouts Monday – Friday, XTS Monday Wednesday and Friday, my cardio and weightlifting Tuesday and Thursday. I got my MYZONE belt the second- or third-week Health Works offered them. When I got it and read up on it my goal became reaching the final level in the 48-month time frame. If the Lord allow me to make 1 more month of the 1300-point goal I will reach the final level in 48 months. My personal goal is 2000 points per month which I have reached each month.  

Rev. Micheal J Wilson 

September 17–30 2023

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